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How I started

I have been a Lancashire photographer on a professional and commercial level since 2003. This was mainly as support to my core business of Graphic Design. It proved so successful that in 2009 I decided to take photography more seriously.

By 2012, I was well on the way to re-inventing myself as a documentary wedding photographer. My style was developing a distinctly humorous edge, with a passion for the quirky. Due to the strength of my work, the BIPP awarded me with a Licentiate Qualification in March 2013.

Following this, my commissions as a photographer increased. I also received awards to match. In 2016, I won nine prizes including the Gold Trophy for Classic Wedding Photographer at the BIPP North West Awards.

Wildlife Photographer or Puffin Photographer?

In 2014 I went on my first journey into wildlife photography, with some quite spectacular results! The success was so great that I continued to develop this in my spare time. At first I spent most of my time just trying to keep up with them. Then by the time I took my Associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photography in 2016, I was looking deeper into the characters and the natural comedy of these endearing creatures.

By 2017 it became so serious that I launched a new brand called The Puffin Man with greetings cards and prints sold around the UK. My primary retailer became The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.

The Puffin Man on Tour ~ Coming to a Craft Fair Near You Soon!

After going down the retailer route for eighteen months, I felt that I wasn't connecting enough with consumers. Retailers were still more bothered about penguins and highland cows. This is fine, but penguins are not British. And besides, puffins need some more awareness as they are in a spot of bother. Numbers are falling due to various man made factors.

So in May 2018 I started a touring market stall selling my puffin photography direct to the public. The positive feedback has been quite awesome. The great thing was seeing the joy that my photography was bringing to the world. And I was seeing first hand that my first thoughts back in 2016 were right: what's not to like about a puffin? As Brits, we all love them!

So much so, that I will continue to exhibit at craft fairs, regattas and festivals all over the UK. Keep an eye on my Puffin Man on Tour page for the latest info on where I'll be and when. If you want a signed print, come and meet me!

And Now The New Website

Such was the reception at the fairs, I decided it was time to update the Puffin Man website so people can order prints and all sorts of things direct online. You will find that you can buy your favourite photo as a simple print, a canvas, or even a mug - to name a few!

Everything sold online is produced by one of the best and most reliable professional photography printing outfits in the country. So you can rest assured that whether you are buying one of my photos for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one, the quality will be spot on.

Take a look at my galleries here!

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